Thursday, February 22, 2018


We made a chart about the number SIX/6 today.... to show what we know about the number 6!  These kids found 6 dots on the dominoes, and 6 on the die.

Reading to our elephant buddies.... Ella and baby Ellie

New sharing schedule was sent home today.... and it goes to the end of the school year. Please post it somewhere handy, so your child will know what to bring to school each week for Sharing Time.


Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Olympic rings

Olympic rings....
Today we had to look at a dominoe, and count the dots on each side, then paint that many Olympic rings. ( Some of us know how many dots there are without even counting!! That is called "subitizing" and is a goal for us to know in Kindergarten. ) We looked at several dominoes, to fill up our paper with rings!
Thank you very much to Rylan's mom, Jen, for coming in and reading to our class today. She read us a funny story, that gave us something to think about.
Mrs. Hardy and Mrs. Grant also swapped classes today during story time, so the kids in Room 7 had 2 guest readers today!

 -------Everyone is meeting Mrs. Grant's challenge to be word detectives and find and print 10 words (not to be confused with 10 letters!)
Library time today
Sharing time.... T is for.....
IF you would like to come to read to our class for I Love to Read Month, please just let Mrs. Grant know. We would LOVE to have you!!!

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Fire Fighter visit

We had a special guest reader today .... a firefighter!.......for I Love to Read month.  The class was so excited to meet this community helper. One little girl said... "I have never met a real fire fighter before!".
We talked about the number 5 today, and brainstormed all the ways we can show "5".
Then, with a partner, we played "Snap-It" using 5 unifix blocks.  (ie.  If I have 2 blocks on this finger.... how many blocks are on my other hand/finger behind my back?)
Some little architects built a tower using almost all 100 cups!

Sharing time..... T is for T-REx!

Friday, February 16, 2018

Day 101

Sharing Time...H is for....

REMINDERS for next week.....

  • Monday is the Long Weekend. No School.
  • Friday is an Administration Day. No school for kids - as teachers will be at school working on Report Cards.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

100 days of school!


Can you make a sucker disappear with 100 licks??

Indoor recess--- Just dance!
Sharing Time
Thank you very much to the parents who sent in treats for 100 day!!  We had a few left over, so we will enjoy them tomorrow!! Thank you!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day

It was fun to deliver our Valentine cards to our friends' Valentine mailboxes!  (and good job to everyone who wrote the names of their friends on their cards, and signed them yourself!) 
Lots of fun checking out the Valentine cards that were delivered to each of us!
We played "Musical Valentines" (like Musical chairs). Here's the winner!! Everyone had lots of fun, and most were good sports when they had to leave the game! (We only had one person get upset about not winning.)

Then we played "A Tisket, a tasket....."

... and not everyone enjoys cinnamon hearts!

Playing "GO FISH" with our visitor. Try playing at home, too!!

Thank you to the families who sent in treats for our Valentine's party today!  They were enjoyed by all!
Reminder... bring 100 little things tomorrow!